TC Electronic Hyper Gravity Mini Compressor

TC Electronic Mini Hyper Gravity
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The TC Electronic Hyper Gravity Compressor is another mini pedal from the TC Electronic Mini series. Despite its small size, it is very stable. The biggest advantage is clearly the compactness of the pedal, it should fit on any pedalboard. However, there are also some disadvantages. The pedal can only be operated via an external power supply, as there is no space for a battery. In addition, I would prefer to have the connection sockets at the head end of the pedal.

Tone Print

The Mini Compressor is also equipped with the well-known Tone Print technology. It is very easy to set up the pedal with new sounds via USB or via app. TC Electronic offers a wide range of presets. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to generate your own tone prints by using the software. I love it!


I use the pedal as a second pedal in the signal chain directly after the tuner. All modulation effects and reverb effects are placed in the loop-in path. What does the Hyper Gravity do with my sound? The question is easy to answer, it delivers sustain without end and I can simply assert myself better, especially in solos in the band. No more, but also no less. Purpose fulfilled 100% and this for a manageable price.

TC electronic Hyper Gravity


  • Effect type: Compressor
  • Design: Mini
  • TonePrint capable
  • Three control knobs: Level, Attack, Sustain
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 51 x 93 x 45 mm
  • Weight: approx. 210 g
  • True bypass
  • Power supply only possible via external power supply unit (no battery supply)


The TC Electronic Hyper Gravity is an extremely compact compressor in the mini format that doesn’t have to hide behind the big names. A very good basic setup, TonePrint capability, as well as the compact dimensions allow a perfect integration on your pedalboard. In addition you get a nice sound. Guitar world, what more do you need?


  • Extremely compact design
  • Good sound
  • High flexibility thanks to TonePrint technology


  • Power supply only possible via external power supply unit