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Guitar cables - different possibilities

In the cable section I present all the variants that you need as a guitarist. The guitar player needs two types of cables: the patch and the instrument cable. A patch cable is mainly used to connect individual effect devices. The instrument cable is available in different versions. One of these versions is the guitar coil one's. There are also a number of different types of connectors. An example for this are angled plugs with extremely flat plugs, in order to enable a space-saving application of the individual effects on the effect board. All these cables are usually equipped with so-called TRS plugs, which are available in both mono and stereo versions. Sometimes Guitar players are also using other types of cables. The XLR connection is mainly known as a microphone cable. This connection is also often found when you need to connect a DI box. Especially accoustic guitar players need these kind of boxes on stage. Computer cables are also finding their way into the guitar scene. Recently, patches have been frequently applied to effect devices via a USB interface.