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Solid body guitar

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In my opinion, the queen of electric guitars is the Solid Body Guitar. The Solid Body is a guitar whose body consists of one piece of wood. Or it consists of several pieces glued together. Therefore it has no resonance body of its own.  And that's why Solid Body Guitar needs an amplifier to make its presence felt. In the fifties the semi-acoustic guitars were still the dominant stringed instruments. With the advent of pop and especially rock music, the Solid Body guitar climbed the Olympus. There are different forms. Whereby these have actually hardly changed since the 70s. Above all the two great guitar pioneers Gibson and Fender determined the copies valid up to today. The two best known Fender models are the Telecaster with the T-shape and of course the S-shape of the Stratocaster. The best known guitarists for the Stratocaster are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. And for the Telecaster: Bruce Springsteen uses one, Status Quo use these guitars in a double pack and of course also Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. And which forms are made by Gibson? The best known model is probably the Gibson Les Paul, a single cut model. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin plays one and Billy Gibbson from ZZ Top.  And of course Slash by Guns'n'Roses. Next to Les Paul the Gibson SG is the second special guitar from Gibson. The SG has a so called Double Cut Form. And who plays this guitar? Especially Angus Young from AC/DC stands for this model. Of course there are more shapes. And here it is again the company Gibson, which was innovative on the way. Especially the two models Flying V and Explorer round off the shapes of the Solid Body guitars.