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Paul the Pedal Man

Paul the Pedal Man

Hello everyone. My name is Stefan, but actually everyone calls me Paul or the Pedal Man. My big hobby is music. I’ve been playing in various bands since I was 14 years old and that was 35 years ago now.

I’ve also been running a home recording studio for a few years now, which is gradually developing. In the last years I was heavily getting G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrom), especially on guitar effect pedals. More and more pedals are getting into my collection and I don’t see no end. Especially I like Boss and Electro Harmonix pedals, but also other companies like Marshall, T-Rex, TC Electronics, Nobels or Dunlop/MXR are on my list. So that’s why I became the Pedal Man

I do this blog for fun and just want to share my experience with you. In my day-to-day life, I deal with online topics on a full-time basis anyway, so setting up a blog was a relatively obvious choice.

All the instruments and other music gear presented here are or were in my possession, and over the past 35 years I have accumulated quite a bit.

You are welcome to give your opinion, I’ll try to professionalise it bit by bit, add pictures and videos and also give some tips and tricks.