TC Electronic Hall of fame mini reverb

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One of the essential effects every guitarist needs is a decent reverb. Some amps already have one built in. But often this is not the case and a good effect pedal can help. A good representative is the TC Electronic Hall of Fame mini.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini
One knob is enough to control the intensity of the reverb.


The TC Electronic Hall of fame mini arrives as a mini pedal and is the smaller brother of the Hall of fame. In contrast to these representatives of the bigger pedal faction, it has only one controller, which controls the reverb intensity. The big advantage of the mini pedals is clearly their compactness. Either more pedals fit on one board or you have less to carry. Of course, this is everyone’s own story. But I belong to the later group and love the compact pedals.


The TonePrint functionality is an ingenious invention from the Danish effects company. You need a smartphone, download the TonePrint app and can then download your favourite reverb from a large library of different artists. Alternatively, you can create your own TonePrint. And there is also the possibility to control the whole thing via USB on the PC.

Sound and usage

This thing sounds great. I have enormous flexibility and can use the editor to create my own sound. Or I choose one of the countless tone prints of well-known musicians. I then regulate the intensity via the knob. It’s simple, fast and safe. And honestly, I rarely have to use several reverb effects in live performance.


  • Effect type: Hall
  • 1 controller
  • True Bypass
  • Mini Housing
  • TonePrint capable
  • Power supply only possible via external power supply unit (no battery)
  • Size (W x D x H) : 52 x 93 x 47 mm


The TC Electronic Hall of fame mini is a reverb for all guitarists who like the easy way. Just get a TonePrint from the library of TC Electronic or build your own TonePrint with the editor software and then you only have to change the variation of intensity. Maybe that’s not very flexible. But honestly, if I use the reverb from the guitar amp, I also have only one knob and it’s enough. Perfect for me, because the less options I have, the more I concentrate on the essentials. And that’s clearly the music.


  • Fits on any pedal board (mini case)
  • Simple operation (one controller)
  • Toneprint capable
  • Good sound


  • Few setting options (see text)
  • Can only be operated with an external power supply unit.