TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

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I’ve had a few delay pedals. From expensive boutique pedals to high-midrange pedals like the MXR Carbon Copy and also quite cheap ones like the XVive Mini Delay, but finally I had bought a TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay. I bought this mainly because I wanted a really small pedal so I wouldn’t have unused space on my pedalboard.

The exterior of the TC Electronic Flashback Mini

Small it is. With a depth of just under 10 cm, it fits on even the smallest pedalboard. The connections are each on the sides. This also applies to the power connector for the external power supply. Personally, I think it is best that all connections are always on top of the head. For the output this is not enough, but at least the power connector could have been placed on top.

There are three controls: Feedback, Delay and FX Level, which have the standard size of “big” pedals. Thus, the settings are easily manageable and could also be made with the foot in extreme cases. The on/off button is silent. It comes in true bypass format. The LED comes in a rich red and signals to the guitarist that the unit is currently on when it shines brightly.

TC Electronics Flashback Mini Delay

The sound of the TC Electronic Flashback Mini

First of all, it must be said that the pedal is very quiet. The sound is absolutely convincing for a device in this price range. Of course, it does not keep up with a Strymon or Eventide. But these devices also cost 5 times as much.

The toneprint software allows you to quickly load pre-made “presets”. On the one hand, this is quite practical. On the other hand, you also get lost quite quickly.

I use the pedal at the end of the (modulation and reverb/delay) effects chain, which I loop into the amp via send and return. The changes you want to make live are quickly adjusted. I also see this as one of the biggest advantages. A quick intervention to adjust the basic sound is always possible. To do this, you only have to turn the three knobs. If you need a lot of different and recallable delays, you should either get a multi-effect unit or a pedal with preset storage. This is the simple way and at a live gig I change my sound maximum 3 times.

TC Electronics Flashback Mini Delay


  • True Bypass
  • Mini case
  • 3 controls: delay, feedback, FX level
  • TonePrint capable
  • Power supply via external power supply only (no battery)
  • dimensions (W x D x H) : 98 x 63 x 56 mm
  • Weight : approx. 270 g


The TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay is a space-saving, good-sounding and easy-to-use effect pedal, which is especially suitable for live operation. Through the Toneprint functionality, one has also quite quickly recorded a new setup.


  • Extremely space-saving
  • TonePrint functionality
  • Good sound
  • Easy to use


  • Power supply only possible via external power supply
  • Placement of the power connector