Thomann Plek Service

Francis Rossi Telecaster
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If the playability of guitars decreases or is not optimal, there is now the possibility to use a Plek service at Thomann.

I have a quite old special Telecaster, whose bundles were a bit “finished” after all. It’s a Fender “Francis Rossi” signature guitar from Japan. It is a replica and at the same time a tribute to the great master of boogie rock and the three chords. A detailed test of this instrument can be found here.

In addition the playability was under all cannon. Since I recently stayed near Thomann, I took the chance to go to the “promised land”. There I wanted to get the guitar pleked.


When I arrived at the Service Center, two very friendly employees took care of me and asked me about my wishes. Some of the electronics had to be replaced and I thought about to change the tuners as well. “You don’t need to do that,” was the advice from the guitar expert, “let’s grease them a bit and then it’ll all work out.”

TOP! This wasn’t a car salesman who wants to sell everything. Simply a musician! Whether the frets had to be changed, he could only tell me after a closer look.

Further procedure

5 hours later I received an exact cost estimate by email, no refretting had to be done. I confirmed the order in a beer garden by smartphone and 4 days later (incl. holiday) I could hold the guitar in my hands again.


The result is more than impressive. The frets are like new, the playability is a dream. Of course it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it, I got an almost new perfect instrument.


  • Quality of the result
  • Playability has improved by 100%.
  • Friendliness and professional competence of Thomann employees
  • Speed of “repair”


  • If you do that directly at Thomann in Bavaria, there’s a great danger of a seizure of shopping addiction.
  • When installing the electronics, the arrangement of the potentiometers and the switch was completely reversed.