Perri’s guitar strap AC/DC

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One of my absolute favourite bands is and remains AC/DC. For me the Australian guys are the hardrock band par excellence. Therefore, as a fan, I wanted to show all the others that AC/DC has taken quite a place in my musician’s heart. The perfect opportunity was the purchase of the Perri’s guitar strap.

First impression

The belt is quite thin as far as the bearing surface is concerned. There is no padding for the shoulder. Nevertheless, it is easy to wear, which is also due to its width. The height adjustment is quite traditional. You take the lower, narrow guitar strap end and pull it through the prefabricated loops. Works quite well so far, but of course you can’t make a completely individualized length adjustment. Nevertheless both the high position and the heavy metal knee poser version are possible. Ok with a two meter man maybe not, but with my 1.72 m it works in any case, even if I definitely don’t play that way.

Finishing of AC/DC Perri’s guitar strap

Perri's guitar strap

The thin fine leather is covered with a kind of varnish. The varnish is well done and corresponds to the picture it was on the internet at the time of my purchase. At the beginning the belt was still quite smooth and the paintwork showed no wear. After about a year there were first cracks. Especially at the end of the belt pick-up, the cracks increased significantly over time. The cracks lead to the fact that the belt is very brittle and bursts open gradually.

Perri's guitar strap

Specifications Perri’s guitar strap

  • Length 80 – 135 cm
  • Width: 8,9 cm
  • Strap system for length adapation
  • Made in Canada
  • Fine leather



  • Beautiful authentic paintwork
  • Not “heavy”


  • Painting breaks open
  • Sharp-edged
  • Bending
  • Not completely individual length adjustment possible