Ovation Celebrity CC-045

Ovation Celebrity 12 String
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The Ovation Celebrity CC-045 is a 12-string acoustic guitar from the budget line of the company Ovation. The acoustic guitars from Ovation were often the measure of all things, especially in the 80s and 90s, especially when it came to live performance. Crystal clear sounds, good playability and good pickups made the success. On the other hand, the original Ovation guitars, especially the Adamas series, were extremely expensive. In addition, Ovation often had a reputation as a plastic guitar because the low body was not made of wood.

The exterior of the Ovation Celebrity CC-045

The guitar arrives in the so-called mid-deep bowl format. A rather voluminous “belly” of the guitar brings the classic Ovation sound. The neck is wonderful to play. And this is especially true for people like me who come from electric guitar.

The frets are without rough edges. The machine heads run quite smoothly and are also properly tuning stable. There is nothing to complain about here. The guitar is really excellently processed.

Ovation Celebrity CC-045 Headstock

The pickup

The pickup, or rather the control unit for it, of the Celebrity CC-045 is called OP-20. An integrated chromatic tuner is integrated, which can be switched on or off via a push button. That’s enough for rough orientation. Anyone who has ever tuned a twelve-string guitar knows what kind of work that is.
You can adjust the volume and the sound via sliders.

The three-band equalizer with bass, mids and treble, can be turned on and off. In addition, there is a battery indicator LED. However, changing the 9-volt battery is a bit fiddly. The battery “hangs” loosely on two wires. There are better solutions here nowadays.

The sound of the Ovation Celebrity CC-045

A highlight is definitely the sound. For the price, the guitar exceeds all expectations. The pure acoustic sound is already very strong. The guitar can assert itself well and is very transparent.

Ovation Celebrity 12 String


  • Made in Korea
  • Bowl made in USA
  • Mid Deep Bowl
  • 12 String
  • Integrated tuner

Conclusion Ovation Celebrity CC-045

The Ovation is a rock solid 12 string guitar that has an excellent price/performance ratio. It has a very good playability and a strong ground sound. The workmanship is excellent.


  • Good sound
  • Very good playability
  • Good workmanship
  • Relatively tuning stable


  • The tuner
  • Battery change