Gibson SG Special Faded Pelham Blue

Gibson Les Paul Special Pelham Blue
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With my latest acquisition in the field of electric guitar, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream. The ownership of a Gibson SG. Secondly, it was incredibly important to me that I get a guitar with P-90 pickups, a pickup type, which until then was not yet in my possession. And so I came to Gibson SG Special in the color Faded Pelham Blue.

The scope of delivery of the Gibson SG Special

This guitar comes in a beautiful brown leather case, with burgundy to pink plush and gold locks. And the Gibson SG Special fits inside like a glove. The case includes a large compartment where you can then put the strap that comes with the guitar, the Gibson SG multitool, and a photo of the guitar from the factory in the USA along with a quality confirmation from the employee there. Gibon’s strap is a very simple 5 cm wide leatherette strap, nothing special, but at least one is included right away. The multitool is awesome. It offers all sorts of twists and wrenches, so you can ideally adjust the guitar yourself. Ex works, the guitar is equipped with a set of 10’s gauge.

Gibson Les Paul Special Pelham Blue

The workmanship

The Gibson SG Special arrived at my home excellently adjusted. However, after the first time I put it on, the silver foil of one of the knobs came off. A little glue and the problem was solved. Also, the poti cap was not put on cleanly and stood crooked. Of course, this can also be easily fixed, but it is annoying. Otherwise, the guitar is impeccably processed.


The guitar is extremely light. Even my Gretsch Hollowbody is not as light as this rock machine. You have to get used to the position of the second strap pin, which is attached to the back. This also tends to make the strap twist. The neck comes in slim taper format and has a rosewood fingerboard. The fingers just slide over the strings. This would actually also be something for the shredder faction.

The sound of the Gibson SG Special

If you plug the guitar into your amp (preferably a nice tube amp) then it’s already there – the much loved rock and blues sound. Earthy, dirty, but also smooth. Especially the neck pickup has done it to me. Here the guitar sings and the heart of every (blues) rock guitarist opens. The volume pots help wonderfully to work out the right balance between “Brett” and slightly distorted sounds.


  • Frets quantity: 22
  • Frets: Medium Jumbo
  • Body: mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Neck profile: Slim Taper
  • nut width: 4.3 cm
  • Width at last fret: 5.74 cm
  • Gibson Compensated Wraparound Bridge
  • Gibson Vintage Deluxe White Button tuners
  • Color: Faded Pelham Blue
  • Pickup: 2 x P90 Soapbar Cover (Made by Gibson)
  • 3-way switch
  • 2 x Tone Poti
  • 2 x Volume Poti
  • Handwired circuit with “Orange Drop” capacitors
  • String gauge from factory: 010 – 046
  • Made in USA

Conclusion of the Gibson SG Special Faded Pelham Blue

I had high hopes when I blind ordered this guitar. Honestly, I got even more. A beautiful sounding guitar that is extremely light, extremely playable, and offers exactly what you need if you play blues and rock music like I do. An honest working guitar without a lot of frills, but with a lot of spirit and potential, which then lies in the hands of the musician.


  • Super playability
  • Extremely light
  • Classic P 90’s rock and blues sound
  • Extensive accessories are included, such as strap or the Gibson Mulitool


  • Cap of the volume knob comes off easily and wobbles
  • Inlay of one knob was not glued cleanly and loose
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