Fender Telecaster Francis Rossi Signature

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You either hate the band Status Quo or you love them. I belong to the second faction. The two guitarists Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, who unfortunately has already passed away, are considered the driving forces of this incredible live band. Their trademark are the two Telecasters, which have a significant share in the boogie sound. So around 2000, Fender decided to release two signature models. At that time, I treated myself to the Fender Telecaster Francis Rossi Signature guitar.

Fender Francis Rossi Telecaster Signature Headplate
Headstock Fender Francis Rossi Telecaster


The Fender Telecaster Francis Rossi Signature comes of course in the legendary “garden fence” green. Like the original, it contains a hole in the body. Rossi has painted over the originally black guitar and drilled a hole for effective cable routing. Whether these actions were sensible is a matter of debate. After all, the original guitar has done its job for over 50 years.
Despite the hole, the Signature model is no lightweight. Nevertheless, the guitar is easy to carry. In contrast to the “standard” Tele, the guitar has 3 single coil pickups. Mr. Rossi just likes to experiment….
The tuners are vintage style. They are quite smooth and keep the tuning well.


The neck is a maple neck, which is quite solid. The playability is okay, but you have to work hard with it. My Strat or SG are clearly better to play for my needs. Fat neck in D format.

Francis Rossi Telecaster


The sound corresponds to the expectations when you buy such a guitar. Here you will not find fat humbucker sounds. The focus is on the clear, cutting sounds. Assertive for playing as a lead guitarist, but above all wonderfully suitable to be able to reproduce a beautiful rhythm guitar. Both the classic clean twang sound, as well as a rocking single coil sound can be teased out.


  • Crafted in Japan between 1998 and 2000
  • Limited edition 1000 pieces
  • Maple Neck
  • 3 Pickups (Brand unknown) Orginal has Lace Sensors
  • 21 Frets

Summary of the Fender Telecaster Francis Rossi Signature

Of course, it is not the original that I have in my possession. But I like to play it and use the guitar mainly as a rhythm instrument. Even as a non Status Quo fan the guitar is an enrichment and as a Quo fan a must.


  • Great sound
  • Gute Verarbeitung
  • Absolut stimmstabil
  • Ein Hingucker


  • Recht kräftiger Hals