Coil cable Bullet

Bullet Coil Cable
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Retro style is in. I also wanted to make a statement in this direction at least on stage and therefore ordered a guitar spiral cable some time ago. I decided for a Bullet coil cable in Retro White/Red.

Finishing of the coil cable

The red and white striped Bullet Cable is 9 m long and has an angle and a straight plug as well. This combination makes absolute sense in my eyes. By playing a Strat I use the long straight plug and if I choose my Telecaster the angle plug is used.

The cable has a high quality and especially the components of the plug are very good. Both plugs are completely made of metal. The cable is very well connected. It is heavy and has a high stiffness. The probability of a cable break is extremely low with this processing.

Bullet Coil Cable

Sound & stage suitability

I wanted to use the guitar coil cable mainly on stage. I put these thoughts aside after one gig. The total length of 9 m can hardly be reached, because the cable is under extreme tension. This reminds me a bit of Deuser tapes from the sport.

Basically the above praised construction with the big flexible coils is at the same time the big disadvantage, because the spiral cable wants to return to its coil shape too fast. Thus the guitar coil cable doesn’t stay on the ground during some activity, but you have a “floating” cable. This can become a trip hazard for other musicians.

The sound is perfect. Here you are completely lossless on the way.

Bullet Coil Cable

Specifications Coil Cable Bullet

  • Guitars spiral cable with extra large coils
  • Oversized relaxed coils
  • Length: 9 m
  • Colour: white/red
  • Double shielding


The Bullet spiral cable leaves a twofold impression. On the one hand it comes in a perfect retro style and has good sound characteristics. You can’t use it on stage.


  • Good sound
  • Retro look
  • High stiffness of the cable
  • Very good finishing
  • Flexible use of the different plugs


  • Not suitable for stage (see text)